Visuals make the world real.

MV “Lullaby”

It is about the daily life of a lady who is a victim of a violence crime. Showing people how the trauma affects their lives and their struggle for a long time. My goal of this project is to open up the issue, and against violence crimes. I also hope people who struggle from their trauma recognize that they are not the only ones fighting with it.

Wakaonna Mask(若女面); A mask representing an elegant young woman.
Hannya Mask(般若面);A mask representing a woman overcome with anger and envy.

I shot and edited by my i phone XS. Thanks for technology!
Hope you guys like it.

[Produce, Direct, Music]
[Music Engineer]
Caio Carvalho
[Choreography, dance]
Diina Tamm
Dragan Milunovic