Lex Sadler|Bassist, producer, musical director, designer

She is an incredibly unique artist. A talented singer, dancer, songwriter and producer, she blends cultures and genres seamlessly to create fresh sounds, visuals and style. I really enjoyed creating bass for her songs – it was a fun and professional experience.



Justine Lavazzon|Designer, Stylist

My experience with her was great. Love her makeup and artistic style. Easy and fun to work with. Punctual and great model and voguer.



Caio Carvalho|Mix Engineer

Her music adds an intriguing and beautiful approach to NYC music scene, it’s always a nice surprise and a pleasure to open up a session to mix it.



SHIMA|Art director

When you asked her to create music, just leave it to her. There is no need to say small details. If you could share what concept or basic idea you have, she will create amazing music for you. Her work is sharpness and uniqueness. Her personality is dependable and friendly. It’s not easy to find the person who’s reliable and easy to work with.