I, 2073

2073 A.D.
On the planet Earth, the scorching sun burns out every creature, the red moon looks down on the frigid land of extreme cold at night.
The highly advanced civilization created deserts made from toxic sands. Plants adapted to the environment, transforming themselves to a poisonous forest.
To revive the planet that used to be harmless to humans, people throw technology away and live a new life based on ancient civilization. At the same time, they co-exist with humanoids that were created by the highly advanced civilization.

The wreckage of a radio still plays music.
Even though it’s a harsh time, they are singing their emotions and love, like they sang back in 2020.

NEW MV「Lullaby」coming out!




Music produced by 2073 Production. Music creates the world.


Visuals produced by 2073 Production. Visuals make the world real.